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Worker's cottage residency is a DIY, self-guided artist residency program designed to offer city-dwelling international artists, working in any medium or format, a chance to take a break from the bustling metropolis. 


The residency provides a rent-free studio space (120 m²) in a serene and secluded location, with the option of accommodation at the Notre Dame Hamlet in Southern France. 


Our aim is to create a peaceful environment where artists can recharge, contemplate, develop projects, write, compose, and reflect on their artistic practice. We foster the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and cultural activism while nurturing and supporting talented individuals. 


The Worker's Cottage Residency offers artist spaces for up to 2 weeks, providing technical assistance, access to workshops and tools, and occasional financial support when available.


About the hamlet

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Support the Worker's cottage


As a DIY artists residency program, we are starting to campaign to fund the residency and to give the artists the opportunity to participate free of charge to the program.

You can support us by making a donation.




You can also follow and spread the words about our campaign. →

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