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How to Apply

Artists from all countries, working in any medium can apply to participate to subject to living and working in a big city


Please send us an email with the following information:


   • Your contact details (name, email, phone number)

   • The country and city you currently reside

   • A sample of your work (you can attach up to four        images to your email or send us more in a PDF          file) 

   • Your artist statement and CV

   • Links where we can see more of your work (website,      Instagram, Facebook etc)

Please send your email to and do not forget to quote 'Worker's cottage Residency' in the subject field.

We would also recommend you include a few words about why you require a quiet isolated space to stay and how this time away from the city would be beneficial for your future projects.

You can give us some information on how are you planning on using the space and how long you would like to stay (max. 2 weeks).


It is important to consider the idea of community, therefore, we are interested in how you could contribute to the project after your stay, (eg. running a workshop at the premises, hosting yourself artists for collective projects, etc...).


For more information and if you have any questions you can always contact us at


Please note that this is a rolling project and we will not announce the names of the participants on a specific date. There is also no deadline to apply. The successful artist will be notified a few weeks prior to the start day of their residency in order to prepare and confirm their participation.


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your work!


About the hamlet

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Worker's cottage : 

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and do not forget to quote 'Worker's Cottage Residency' in the subject field

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