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Over time, the border between life and art has become a vast, desecrated free zone.

The world becomes the suitcase - the suitcase becomes the body - the body becomes the material in which the craft is revealed and sucks the life.

Living becomes work.


The notion is literal: Labor - Translated into a multitude of techniques and formats - Performatives. It sculpts itself, draws itself, realising itself in a physical/dimensional form.


The aesthetic is simple, idiomatic, often minimal, which conveys an underlined political and economic statement.

DIY kits - found objects and reclaimed materials become poems suggesting "in-between"

- Society is concrete, as is its poetry. Weights, scales plays with the notion of balance.


The research takes the form of metaphoric scenarios, staged in constructed spaces

- quirky laboratories of research - chambers of activities or strange non-existent historical sites - places that become, from certain angles, worlds for mental projections.


These chambers of imagination where realities and illusions coalesce  

- Limbo between latency and reminiscence - alteration of history and experiences -

come to exist in the same world where the brain and the hands are.

The name of the world is the studio.


Voir la traduction Française


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