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Yamamoto Keiko - Rochaix Gallery

19 Goulston Street presents Megalopolis, a group show organised by Billy Fraser, Mimi Hope and Tom Ribot. 

Young city artists jostle for attention in the overcrowded urban sprawl, connected by the fast paced cosmopolitan city. Contemporary culture and commoditisation. 

As the city struggles for space it collapses and folds in on itself. Its Inhabitants find themselves squeezing in to smaller and smaller spaces, and like continental collision they are pushed further from the city's core. 

They fight back. Many make artwork as spectacle. Some are spectacles within the realm of the mundane. Most contain the ego of the artist demanding space and attention; the skyscrapers of the metropoliS. Others burrow underground protesting from beneath the City's foundations. 

What better spectacle than a grand plinth of spectacles? A selection of new monuments, relics and artefacts challenging the city. Together they look like an architectural model of this new world. And deep belOw, something is stirring. 

Megalopolis Is part of 'Peace In It Together Bit By Bif, an exhibition programme hosted by Andrew Hart. The exhibition is also accompanied by a text written by Charlie Siddick especially for the occasion.

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