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Respected for his incredible skills, integrity and fair-play, French football player Zinedine Zidane lost it when the Italian opponent called Zinedine's sister a "slut".

The insult would have provoked the impulse ... 

The heat of a moment ruins Zidane national super hero status and his career.


Turn the other cheek - not always the answer - sometime letting go makes a valid case, too.

After Zidane brings together five artists in a monochromatic exhibition.

Ani Mkrtchyan, Cred Roy, Hao-Chun Hsieh, Hsu Ting and Ian Barrington get a chance to meet again.

The group who met at day one of their masters at Chelsea, has since proven some agility to collaborate together in a group dynamic - unapologetic and irreverent - often challenging the very idea of ​​"gallery space" - between original concepts and a teenage refusal to take precedence of the artist's ego and the hierarchical semantics that dominate contemporary art.

This time, the exhibition takes up the classic codes of the art exhibition. Against the white walls of the gallery contrasts the black of the works, highlighting every intention by a multitude of grey and shades.


The works on display are accompanied by a live stream of the England/Belgium game bringing the works back to its bitter commodity. Through the white walls then comes tearing within the numbing and hypnotic sounds of a football match, disturbing the aura of elitism through its common place non-art status. 

photographs © 2018 - Yu-Ting HSU

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