As a multidisciplinary artist, I use a wide range of techniques and formats which reference a literal notion of labour.

I describe my work as performative. Indeed, I sculpt, draw and perform effort as it is, a form of physicality. 


I like to play with scales while investigating a form of minimalist aesthetic which conveys an underlined political statement. 

Using scrap and reclaiming material that I combine with sculpting materials like clay, ceramic, plaster, wood and so on,

DIY kits and found objects refer to concepts of materiality, weight, and balance, suggesting notions of touch, time transience, and transformation.


As part of my research, I build metaphorical-spaces and scenarios through sculptures and installations. 

They represent quirky laboratories of research, chambers of activity or strange non- existent historical spaces. 

These sites become spaces for mental projection. They become chambers of imagination where reality and illusion coalesce - In-between limbos for latency and reminiscences.


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